11 Things Super Bowl Fans Should Know About Minnesota

A Visitors Guide to Understanding Minnesotan Life and Behavior (Part Two):

  1. Understand that in a crowd, “sorry” means the same thing as “excuse me.”
  2. If you pass a Minnesotan on the sidewalk expect awkward, fleeting eye contact and a “hi.” Please return them.
  3. Never disparage Prince. EVER!
  4. To prevent loss, put your mittens in your coat pockets as soon as you take them off.
  5. If the road is fully black or shiny that means it’s wet or icy, be VERY careful. (Salty gray means dry and safer.)
  6. Snow is very bright. Bring sunglasses.
  7. Make eye contact with Jesse Ventura at your own peril.
  8. Minneapolis is NOT the same thing as St. Paul. If you’re unsure of where you are in the metro area, reference to “The Cities” is acceptable.
  9. Despite the novelty, DO NOT rent a pedal pub while you’re here. That’s not a thing we do in winter.
  10. We are aware that the Vikings have never won a Super Bowl.
  11. We are also aware that had we beat Philly, it would’ve been the first time in history that a team played a Super Bowl in their own stadium. We are VERY well aware.

Have fun and safely enjoy our lovely state!

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