Answers About Funerals, Burial, & Cremation

I grew up around my family’s funeral home and joined my dad in the funeral profession nearly four decades ago.

My dad, Al Mueller, was a widely respected and beloved guy in our community and really set the standard for what I wanted to be as an intern, then a director, and ultimately an owner. And I can tell you, Dad’s standard was set mighty high.

The Mueller family with my parents, Al and Connie, in the center, 2007
The Mueller family with my parents, Al and Connie, in the center, 2007

It’s because of my father, and my continuation of his legacy, that Mueller Memorial has become locally trusted and nationally recognized. Our reputation and commitment to service has afforded me the opportunity to become highly involved in research, serving in national funeral service organizations, and giving presentations in professional development.

All of those things are secondary to the privilege of being the person my neighbors and friends can lean on. To be given the opportunity to help them through some of the most difficult and confusing times of their lives is absolutely my honor.

My job in this blog is to help you make informed decisions and understand options that will impact how you honor wishes, celebrate the life lived, and frame the way friends and family begin the grief process.

These decisions carry with them a lot of responsibility, and a lot of questions. This blog is the answer to those questions.

So if you ever have questions about celebrations of life, preplanning, cremation, burial, or anything having to do with funerals, please ask and I’ll get you the answers you’re looking for.

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