New GriefShare Group Beginning Jan 23rd

From the desk of Taelor Johnson, Director of Community Relations at Mueller Memorial

Hello There,

I was about to send out the brochures for our next GriefShare group, when the thought occurred to me that I’ve sent them out before, and though all the information is there, it doesn’t really tell you what GriefShare means to someone who has gone through the program. So here’s my story.GriefShare-logo-2015 no background

This past summer I lost someone who has been a life-long friend. Though his absence wasn’t something at the forefront of my mind every waking second, I found I was in a funk that I couldn’t seem to shake.

Normally I’m a pretty vibrant person and it seemed that I couldn’t get my spirits up like they usually were. I was having trouble concentrating and began forgetting things, like tasks and appointments, which is just not like me.

That September we were forming a new GriefShare group at Mueller Memorial, so I decided to join and see if that would help me feel…honestly, a little less nuts, or lost, or foggy.

I was a bit nervous as the first session started, but Cindy and Sue have such an easy and approachable way about them that they make you feel welcome and very comfortable. They’ve lead these groups before and have experienced loss in their own lives, so they’re excellent guides through the GriefShare program.

And I cannot say enough about the quality of the program! I admit that my expectations for the quality of the content were low, but I was so wrong. The beautifully shot videos are full of insightful and immediately useful content that connects to the issues in the workbook, which connect to the topics of open discussion.

Discussion was my favorite part. Though all of the group members were experiencing a different loss, together we connected, commiserated, sometimes laughed—and yes, cried—over our losses.

Most importantly, we talked openly about what life is like after someone you love dies. And there are not many places you can feel really comfortable doing that.

GriefShare isn’t a cure, but it’s just a little bit of help to get you closer to understanding your grief and make it all a little less confusing.

If you have any questions about my experience, or the program in general, please call me.

I hope you’ll give GriefShare a try on Saturday, January 23rd  8-10 a.m. at Mueller Memorial in White Bear Lake.

All My Best,
Taelor Johnson
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