A Fruitful Legacy: Remembering Dickey Jacobson

At Mueller Memorial we always work to make every service as individual as the life lived. This past July we got a call from the Jacobson family informing us that their matriarch, Ella Mae “Dickey” Jacobson, had passed away and they were ready for us to come and bring her into our care, but not before we honored a Jacobson tradition.

Dickey Jacobson at Pine Tree Apple Orchard
Dickey baking sweet treats

The Jacobsons own and operate Pine Tree Apple Orchard in White Bear Lake, a favorite among locals and families looking for an agricultural adventure during strawberry, apple, and pumpkin seasons. Not only do the Jacobsons grow these fruits along the scenic hills of the orchard, but they also use them to create delicious pies, pastries, and treats.

When funeral directors, Scott and Alex, arrived to take Dickey into our care, the family requested that our hearse escort their mom on one last ride through the orchard she loved. At the orchard, the Jacobsons climbed on the flatbed of their hay wagon and lead the way up the hill with our hearse close behind.

Just as they had done in 2008 for their father, Art, when they reached the peak of the highest hill, the Jacobsons made a stop, gathering together to say a few words remembrance and a prayer for the woman who built a business, and even more importantly, a family among the blossoms and fruit they overlooked.

The Jacobson have created a meaningful tradition that thoughtfully, respectfully honors the lives of their family members. We are privileged to be a part of that tradition and encourage every family we serve to work with our Directors to create a memorial custom that is unique and meaningful to your family.

Dickey will be dearly missed by her friends and relatives, but you can experience her legacy every year when the apples are ripe and Pine Tree Apple Orchard starts pulling those fresh pies out of the oven. That’s where you’ll find her.

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