Scott Mueller Writes the Book on Death, Grief, and Funerals

As a funeral director and owner of Mueller Memorial Funeral and Cremation Service, many find Scott Mueller’s chosen profession very interesting.

The topics of death, grief, and funerals are often seen as taboo in normal daily interactions, but when people hear that Mueller is a funeral director, they tend to lean in, lower their voice, and share their curiosity about these important, but often avoided, topics.

Funeral Answers
Scott’s new book launching Thursday, September 11th, 2014

Throughout Mueller’s over 35 years in his profession, people have frequently asked him the same questions. He realized that if the people he meets are consistently asking these questions, other people that he hasn’t met (or have just been too reserved to ask) are wondering about the same things.

Those questions spawned Mueller’s new book, What to Know Before You Go: An Insiders Answers to the Most Commonly Asked Questions About Death, Grief and Funerals.

The book, which can be found through, addresses topics ranging from funeral history to costs; tips for finding a great funeral home to knowing what information you’re going to need at the time of a death.

According to Mueller, “By the end of the book, readers will be better informed about what they want from the ceremonies, services,  and celebrations that can surround a death. From the functional to the frivolous, the book provides access to the answers people need to plan the affordable, memorable, and meaningful funeral that is customized to their unique wants and needs.”

In order to get this information to anyone who has unanswered questions about death, grief, and funerals, Mueller is offering the electronic Kindle download of the book for a limited time for 99¢ at Paperback copies are available for purchase at the list price of $12.95 at Lake Country Booksellers.

Mueller is hoping that his book will help to open a dialogue among families that, when the need arrives, will help them feel prepared and confident that they’re making the right decisions for their family and friends.

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