Sir Scott and Dame Connie of the Winter Carnival

The Mueller family tradition of being involved in the “coolest celebration on Earth” continued this year. 2018 marked the 10th anniversary of Scott’s 2008 appointment as prime minister of the Saint Paul Winter Carnival. It also marked the 45th anniversary of his dad, Al’s, 1973 reign as Boreas Rex XXXVII, King of the Winter Carnival.

Connie Mueller knighted by the Winter Carnival royal familyOn Jan. 29, the 2018 royal family paid a visit to Connie Mueller and knighted her “Madame of Mortuary, Songstress of Olde, Her Family Members Making Carnival Stronger Two-fold.” The occasion was made particularly special because this year’s king, Tom Leonard, set down his own scepter and knighted Connie using Al’s original 1973 carnival scepter. It was a touch that added a lot of meaning and emotion to the occasion.

Just a few days later, Scott and Heidi hosted the royal family for lunch at the famed East Side locale Obb’s Bar. To his surprise, he was knighted “His Majesty of Morticians and a Prince of a Prime, Has Good Humor, Quick Wit, and a Smile All the Time.” Scott was thrilled at the kind gesture.

We want to thank all of the Winter Carnival royal families for putting so much time and effort into being ambassadors for our great city of Saint Paul. They help us to celebrate (rather than lament) the cold weather and remind us why we’re proud residents of the Bold North.

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